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Snapchat Planet Order: What is it & How Does it Work?

Many people share pictures and videos on Snapchat with friends in the wide social media world. Snapchat keeps things exciting by adding new stuff, making it more fun. Among these improvements is the Snapchat Planet Order. This helps you arrange friends and choose what you want to look at. Let’s see how Snapchat Planet Order works and why it’s helpful.

What is the Snapchat Planet Order?

Users can group their friends’ lists into various “planets” using the Snapchat feature called Planet Order. Each planet represents a specific group, like close friends, family, workmates, or connections. Users can easily control the content on their Snapchat feed by organizing their friends into planets.

Overview of Snapchat Planet Order

It is a fun and interactive way to learn about our solar system and the planets within it. The order of the planets is often difficult to remember, but it simplifies the process. By tapping a few times, you can observe the uniqueness of each planet, comprehend its proximity to the sun, and determine its position in the lineup. In general, learning about space becomes uncomplicated and enjoyable with the aid of Snapchat Planet Order.

Getting Started with Snapchat Planet Order

Follow these easy steps to start using the Snapchat Planet Order:

1. Update your Snapchat Application

Ensure that Snapchat is installed on your device in the most recent version. It’s possible that earlier versions of the app don’t have the Planet Order feature.

2. Open your Snapchat Profile

Open the Snapchat app, then tap the profile icon in the top left corner of the screen. Your profile page will be reached as a result.

3. Go to the Friends Screen

Open your profile and tap “Friends.” You’ll find a list of all your Snapchat friends.

4. Create a New Planet

Touch the “Create New Planet” button to start making a new planet. A name for your new planet will be requested from you. Pick a name that accurately describes the circle of friends you want to include on this planet.

5. Add Friends to your Planet

You can begin inviting friends to a new planet after creating one.

The “+” icon is next to each friend’s name on your friend’s list.

Tap it to add that friend to the planet.

You can add lots of friends to a planet at the same time by ticking the box next to their names.

6. Configure Planet Settings

A planet’s settings can be changed after you’ve invited friends there. To access a planet’s settings, tap on the planet’s name. The option to receive notifications from this planet is available here. Additionally, you can choose whether or not to display friends’ stories from this planet.

7. Manage your Planets

To categorize your friends, you can create a variety of planets. Return to the Friends screen and click “Manage Planets” to access your planets. Your planets’ names can be changed, friends can be added or removed, and planets can be deleted from this page.

8. Explore Personalized Content

After grouping your friends into planets, you can enjoy a more specialized Snapchat experience. Your created planets will be the basis for the content you see on your Snapchat feed. This allows you to concentrate on the most important information because you will only see stories and posts from friends on the chosen planets.

Benefits of Using the Snapchat Planet Order

1. Improved Content Relevance

When you group friends into planets, you can ignore less important posts and focus on the ones you care about. Making sure you see stuff you’re interested in can make Snapchat more enjoyable for you.

2. Enhanced Privacy Control

You can choose who can see your stories and posts using the Snapchat Planet Order. You can decide which friend groups can access your content by dividing your friends into various planets. When you do this, you have more say in your privacy settings. It makes sure only the folks you choose can see what you post.

3. Streamlined Communication

Communication is made easier thanks to Snapchat Planet Order, which makes it simple to locate and contact particular friendship groups. You can navigate directly to the planet where the friends you want to interact with are located instead of scrolling through a lengthy list of friends. Communication is quicker and more effective as a result.

4. Customized Notifications

You can keep up with the activities of particular friend groups by customizing the notifications for each planet. You can decide to turn off or mute notifications from less important groups while keeping those from planets that are most important to you.

5. Effortless Management

You can easily handle notifications from certain friend groups. This keeps you informed without too many alerts bothering you. It’s like a clear path to stay connected with your close friends, minus all the unnecessary notifications. This feature lets you control your notifications and stay connected without getting too many alerts.

6. Customize Interactions

Snapchat Planet Order allows you to interact with specific groups of friends separately. This feature makes your chats more special. You can share personal things, talk about stuff you like, or make plans together.

Real-Life Examples

Snapchat Planet Order has helped companies connect with people in cool ways. For example, McDonald’s made a lens where people seemed to breathe fire after “eating” their spicy burgers. This got lots of attention and made more people know about McDonald’s.

Airbnb made a lens too. It lets users explore cool places to stay by showing them around with pictures. This made more people want to book places with Airbnb.

Game of Thrones” used Snapchat too. They made a lens that turned people into White Walkers, like from the show. This got fans excited for the final season and they talked about it a lot.

Future of Snapchat Planet Order

Snapchat is always changing, and the Planet Order feature will improve over time. Sorting friends and picking content is just the start. As technology improves, like with augmented reality (AR), we might have even cooler experiences on these friend planets.


With Snapchat Planet Order, you can put your friends into different groups, which is really useful. Users can customize their Snapchat experience, enjoy a more individualized one, and communicate effectively with particular groups by categorizing their friends. You can change how planets work with Snapchat Planet Order and get notifications. This makes your privacy better and shows you stuff that matters more. So, update your Snapchat app, make your own planets, and take advantage of a better-structured, more specialized Snapchat experience.

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