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An Introduction to Gramho: An Instagram Analytics Tool

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, with over one billion active users. As a visual medium, Instagram allows businesses and individuals to connect with audiences through high-quality images and videos. Given its scale and engagement levels, Instagram presents a significant opportunity for brands looking to grow their following, increase awareness, and generate sales.

However, as with any social platform, having visibility and success on Instagram requires strategic planning and measuring results. Businesses need tools to analyze the performance of their Instagram profiles, posts, hashtags and more to optimize for engagement and fine-tune their approach. This is where Gramho comes in.

What is Gramho?

Gramho is a web-based tool for analyzing public Instagram profiles. Some key things to know about Gramho include:

  • It is free to use on desktop and mobile via its website, No login or payment is required.
  • Gramho scrapes publicly available data from Instagram using its API and displays it in a user-friendly interface. Private profiles and data remain private.
  • Users can input any public Instagram username or hashtag and view analytics without needing their Instagram account.
  • Gramho provides at-a-glance metrics and graphs showing historical performance and growth trends.
  • In addition to profiles, Gramho allows searching hashtags, locations, stories, and more within Instagram.
  • The tool aims to offer Instagram users and marketers deeper insights to improve engagement and growth on the platform.

Gramho Features in Depth

When inputting an Instagram username or hashtag, Gramho surfaces a wealth of analytics across several sections:

Profile Section

This shows basic account details like the name, username, number of posts, followers, following count, and engagement rate. It also graphs follower growth over time.

Posts Section

Here, you’ll find a breakdown of total posts, average likes per post, comments per post, saves per post, and more. Graphs show historical post insights.

Top Posts

Gramho lists the account’s top-performing posts based on likes to see what types of content resonate best.


Any common hashtags used across posts are displayed to analyze tagging strategies.


This section graphs posting frequency and average response times to comments and messages.


Gramho allows comparing two accounts to benchmark critical metrics against competitors.

With these in-depth sections, Gramho offers a complete picture of an Instagram profile’s strengths, weaknesses, and growth over time. Its user-friendly charts and graphs make trends easy to identify and understand.

Some other notable Gramho features include:

  • Option to view Instagram stories and highlights
  • Searching by location or general hashtags
  • Downloading public profile photos for approved purposes
  • Sharing profile links directly within Gramho
  • Dark mode option for night reading

Gramho’s breadth of data points and analytical tools provide unparalleled insights into Instagram’s presence and performance. Let’s now explore precisely how to use its features.

How to Use Gramho

Using Gramho is intuitive and straightforward. Here are the basic steps to analyze any public Instagram profile:

  1. Go to and input an Instagram username, hashtag or location in the search bar.
  2. Click on the profile or hashtag you wish to analyze. This loads the overview page.
  3. The left navigation menu on the desktop lists sections like Posts, Activity, etc. On mobile, these sections are tabs along the top.
  4. Click through each section to view metrics, graphs and other breakdowns.
  5. Use the dropdown menus to select timeframes for historical graphs as needed.
  6. Compare profiles side by side by clicking the “Compare” button and adding another profile.
  7. Download public profile photos by clicking the camera icon in the top right, if needed.
  8. Share profiles directly from Gramho or copy the direct profile link.
  9. Search or filter hashtags to analyze hashtag performance.
  10. Toggle between light and dark mode in settings for visual preference.

That covers the essentials of navigating Gramho. With some exploration, you can extract valuable insights from Instagram profiles within just a few minutes using this free tool. Let’s now discuss how businesses can leverage Gramho.

How Businesses Can Use Gramho

How Businesses Can Use Gramho

While Gramho is helpful for any Instagram user, it presents compelling opportunities for businesses to gain strategic insights:

Benchmarking & Competitor Research

Analyze top competitors to benchmark critical metrics like follower growth rates, engagement levels, popular post types and more. This helps identify what’s working well for others.

Audience Research

Dive into the followers, following counts and common hashtags of similar businesses to understand target audiences and potential partnerships.

Campaign & Promotion Tracking

Monitor hashtag or location analytics pre-and-post campaign launches to measure real-time success and return on objectives.

Identifying Influencers

Analyze influencer profiles to see their follower counts, engagement levels and popular content styles. This aids influencer marketing partnerships.

Evaluating New Product Launches

Track hashtag and profile analytics when introducing new products, services or collections to determine resonance and purchase funnel performance.

Optimizing Post Scheduling

Understand the ideal days and times for posting based on activity graphs and average response times of top-performing competitors.

With Gramho, businesses gain a complete picture of their Instagram presence compared to industry leaders. Its insights empower data-driven decisions across key areas like content, hashtags, partnerships and more for increased visibility and sales.

Is Gramho Safe to Use?

A common concern for any third-party analytics tool is privacy and legal compliance. On these fronts, Gramho is considered safe for the following key reasons:

  • It only accesses publicly available Instagram data that users have opted to share publicly. No private profiles or info are viewable.
  • Gramho does not require you to log in to Instagram or input personal credentials. All data is anonymously scraped.
  • Instagram’s platform policy allows third-party services to source and publicly display public Instagram profile data.
  • Gramho does not interact with or modify any Instagram accounts, profiles, posts or private user data.
  • The tool is for research and analytics purposes only. Commercial scraping of Instagram public data at scale would violate its API terms.
  • Gramho has operated since 2014 without any reported privacy or legal issues from Instagram or users.

Provided it is used for its intended research and analytics purposes on public profiles only, Gramho poses no inherent privacy or security risks to users. However, like any third-party tool, future changes to Instagram’s API could impact Gramho’s functionality over time.

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Gramho Alternatives to Consider

While Gramho is one of the most full-featured free Instagram analytics tools available, there are other options to explore depending on needs:

Iconosquare: Offers similar metrics but focuses more on businesses with paid plans, including API access.

CrowdTangle: Owned by Meta, it provides public post analytics across social platforms for news and publishers.

SocialBlade: Known for YouTube analytics but also covers Instagram stats, particularly for tracking follower counts.

Hypeauditor: Provides analytics on Instagram engagement groups and follower demographics.

Later: A social media management platform incorporating Instagram analytics into its paid offerings.

Sprout Social: An all-in-one social media management platform with Instagram analytics and reporting.

Dash Hudson: Caters more towards creative agencies and includes visual Instagram insights for campaigns.

While some, like Iconosquare and Hypeauditor, are free, most advanced analytics platforms require paid subscriptions. Gramho remains one of the only free primary Instagram data and research tools.


As the usage and importance of Instagram continue growing for both personal users and businesses, tools that provide actionable analytics are invaluable. Gramho fills this need as a free, robust platform for analyzing public Instagram profiles.

By leveraging Gramho’s wealth of metrics, graphs and comparison features, users can optimize their approach in critical areas, from content to hashtags to influencer strategies. The tool also empowers data-driven decision-making and benchmarking against competitors.

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