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After years of speculation and anticipation, Nintendo has finally confirmed that a successor to their hugely popular Nintendo Switch console is in the works. In a recent post on the social media platform X, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa revealed that the company will unveil the next generation Nintendo Switch before the end of the current fiscal year. While details were scarce, this announcement has sent shockwaves of excitement through the gaming community worldwide.

The Success of the Original Nintendo Switch

Before examining the news of the Switch 2, it’s important to understand why the original Switch has been such a resounding success for Nintendo. Since launching in March 2017, the Switch has sold over 141 million units worldwide, making it the best-selling Nintendo home console of all time. Its unique hybrid design allowing both docked and portable play opened up new audiences and use cases for video games.

Key to the Switch’s popularity has been its stellar exclusive software lineup from Nintendo featuring franchises like The Legend of Zelda, Mario, and Animal Crossing. But the console has also attracted major third-party support with titles like Fortnite, DOOM, and The Witcher 3. Perhaps most remarkably, the family-friendly life simulator Animal Crossing: New Horizons became a global phenomenon in 2020, selling over 33 million copies.

The Switch’s flexibility and portability made it a natural fit for casual and mobile gamers. But its high-powered Tegra processor also satisfied more hardcore audiences with games previously only possible on dedicated home consoles. This broad appeal helped the Switch become a mainstream success far beyond Nintendo’s typical customer base.

Undoubtedly, the Switch proved that the hybrid model was the future of gaming. Now fans eagerly await what new possibilities the Switch 2 might offer to take the concept even further. But what upgrades can we expect from this new generation of Nintendo’s hit device?

Potential Switch 2 Specs and Features

Potential Switch 2 Specs and Features

While Nintendo has shared few concrete details, there has been no shortage of speculation around potential Switch 2 specs and features based on leaks and industry analysis. Here’s a look at what upgrades the new console may offer:

More Powerful Processor: The Switch 2 is expected to pack a faster, more powerful Nvidia chip likely based on the company’s newer Tegra architecture. This would allow for graphics/performance leaps.

4K Support: As 4K/Ultra HD becomes standard, the Switch 2 may include optional 4K output docked to a compatible TV or monitor. The handheld screen resolution would remain 1080p for battery life.

OLED Screen: Rumors suggest the Switch 2 could adopt an OLED display for handheld mode, providing richer colours and contrast over the original’s LCD. This is a popular upgrade for many mobile devices.

Larger Screen Size: The screen may see a slight increase from the original 6.2″ to perhaps 6.5-7″ to further improve the on-the-go experience. Any size bump would need to avoid making the unit too cumbersome when portable.

Longer Battery Life: Better power optimization from the new chip could mean longer battery life compared to the Switch’s current 2.5-6.5 hours, depending on the game.

Backward Compatibility: Naturally, the Switch 2 will be able to play the vast Switch game library with enhanced performance while docked.

Additional Features: Enhancements, like improved WiFi/Bluetooth, more internal storage, and other modernized features, are expected but less certain.

Of course, only an official announcement will confirm the Switch 2’s true specs. But these are educated guesses based on what’s realistic to expect from an upgraded system almost a decade later. Stay tuned for the latest details!

Potential Launch Window and Games

Now that we have a general idea of what form the Switch 2 may take, when can fans expect to get their hands on Nintendo’s new system? Based on the lifetime of previous consoles and comments from Furukawa, most experts believe a 2024 launch is unlikely. A 2025 debut seems the safest bet.

Specifically, a March 2025 launch would mark the 10th anniversary of the original Switch and continue Nintendo’s recent trend of March releases for their platforms. This timing could also coincide with the E3/E3 replacement summer showcases to help drive hype.

As for exclusive games, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is widely rumoured to be a Switch 2 launch title after being delayed to May 2023 for the original Switch. The Breath of the Wild sequel is sure to be one of the most anticipated games ever and would be the perfect system seller.

Mario Kart 9 and the next 3D Mario adventure are other safe bets to release around the Switch 2’s launch window. Beyond Nintendo’s biggest franchises, expect ports and new entries for series like Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, Splatoon, Kirby and more.

Third parties will want to support the new hardware immediately as well. Imagine sequels to popular Switch games like The Witcher, Doom, Diablo and more optimized for the Switch 2. Indie games and smaller studios will also flock to the platform.

With such an incredible library already and so many more possibilities on the horizon, the Switch 2 is sure to be one of the most anticipated console launches ever. The stage is set for another tour de force from Nintendo.

What Does This Mean for the Current Switch?

What Does This Mean for the Current Switch?

Now that a Switch 2 has been confirmed to replace the original, many fans may wonder what this means for support of the current Switch model going forward. While the Switch 2 will undoubtedly become Nintendo’s primary focus, they have reiterated the original Switch will continue to receive games even after its successor arrives.

Nintendo is known to support their systems for many years after a new generation. The 3DS continued receiving games into the Switch’s lifespan and still maintains a dedicated fanbase. The same longevity is expected for the Switch as the installed user base is massive.

Key Nintendo-published franchises like Pokémon, Kirby, Yoshi and others will likely continue releasing games on both Switch models simultaneously for several years. This allows those still playing on the original to enjoy new entries.

Meanwhile, the Switch 2 will get enhanced or exclusive versions of multi-platform releases to incentivize early adopters. But the current Switch will maintain robust third-party support from Japanese developers and smaller indie studios for some time as well.

Overall, while the Switch 2 will become the emphasis going forward, Nintendo understands the value in maintaining software for the colossal Switch install base that remains loyal long-term. Both systems co-existing ensure all fans feel supported well into the next generation.

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The original Switch was an unmitigated success that redefined the hybrid concept and brought gaming to the masses. With upgraded internals, enhanced features and the pedigree of Nintendo’s legendary franchises, the Switch 2 has all the makings of another system-selling juggernaut. Continuing the legacy while taking the hybrid formula to new heights of power and portability is an enticing proposition.

March 2025 seems a logical window for Nintendo to unveil its next chapter. Landing on the original Switch’s 10th anniversary would be a fitting celebration and smart marketing. Franchise heavy-hitters like Zelda and Mario are sure to lead the charge, with third-party games also ready to showcase the new hardware’s potential.

Most importantly, Nintendo understands maintaining robust support for the existing Switch userbase that remains loyal for years. Both systems co-existing ensure all fans feel valued and have access to experience new games. With Nintendo’s proven track record, the Switch 2 is primed to be one of the most successful console launches in history. The future is bright for the hybrid king.

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