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Managing livestock shows and competitions can be complex, requiring coordination of many moving parts from registration to scoring to results. Show organizers need robust software to efficiently handle all the administrative tasks and provide a seamless experience for participants, judges and spectators. Enter – a comprehensive cloud-based solution designed specifically for the livestock show industry.

What is the is a comprehensive cloud-based livestock show management platform designed specifically for agriculture. Developed by livestock professionals, it streamlines all aspects of planning, executing and following up on livestock competitions and shows.

Key Benefits of Using Showman

Key Benefits of Using Showman

Showman’s excellent support helps users quickly get up to speed: Registration Module

In the registration module, participants sign up and submit entries for various shows, classes, divisions, and more. Show organizers that they can customize the registration form fields to collect essential details for each entry. Dropdown menus, checkboxes and file uploads ensure all necessary information is captured accurately.

Participants self-register online 24/7 via a responsive web interface that looks great on any device. Integrated payment processing via PayPal or credit card makes checkout simple. Based on eligibility rules, administrators can review pending registrations and approve or deny entries as needed.

Robust search and filter options allow registrars to quickly locate entries by name, farm, class, status and other criteria. Entries can be edited or voided if needed. Comprehensive registration reports keep organizers informed on totals by division, payments received and more. Customizable confirmation emails with itineraries are automatically sent.

Show scheduling is intuitive, allowing dates and deadlines to be set for each show component, from registration to check-in to show times—conditional logic auto-populates related fields for a seamless experience. Showman’s registration features remove the headache of getting participants signed up for the big event. Check-in and Scoring Modules

The check-in module streamlines the process of verifying entries are present for their scheduled show times and classes. Organizers can quickly scan or manually enter ID tags using any internet-connected device to mark participants checked in. Intuitive search helps locate entries among long rosters.

Real-time check-in status is visible to show office staff so they know when to line up classes and divisions. Conditional alerts notify when missing required items are scanned, like Coggins papers or health certificates. Customizable checklists ensure all protocol is followed.

Robust scoring functionality is at the heart of Showman. Customizable scoresheets can include any number of questions, criteria, scales and total points. Templates standardize forms for consistency. Judges enter scores directly into the intuitive interface or opt for paper judging followed by digital input.

Automatic calculation totals point in real time. Custom placement and award algorithms determine class winners, reserves, and the top five and qualify animals for championships based on set rules. Ribbon colors, trophies and prizes are assigned digitally. Judges can add notes per entry for additional feedback.

Real-time scoring dashboards keep show managers informed on progress. Custom reports provide scoring summaries, class placements, judge performance and more. Integrated announcement features allow show callers to broadcast results over PA systems or digital displays. Winners can be photographed automatically for memories and promotion. Results and Post-Show Modules

Final show results and class placements are digitally published in real-time via the responsive web interface for easy viewing on any device. Customizable templates control look and feel. Results are also exportable in various formats for record keeping, sponsor thank you letters and more.

Post-show functionality includes generating customized premium books with class listings, sponsors, photos, show stats and more. Digital archives ensure past results are always accessible. Robust search options allow the public to quickly look up past performances and winnings.

Sponsors and buyers can view complete show catalogs, including class listings, entry photos, placings and sale orders/lots. Integrated auction management tools help facilitate livestock sales. Donors can track contributions, and customized thank-you letters are generated automatically.

The post-show module also handles essential tasks like premium payment distributions. Organizers can generate customized checks or manage direct deposit transfers. Comprehensive payment reports provide complete audit trails for accountability. Customizable 1099-MISC tax forms ensure IRS compliance.

Showman’s post-show capabilities provide a full-service solution from registration through results archival long after the last ribbon is awarded. Organizations gain the tools to conduct their entire operation efficiently from one centralized platform. User Interface and Administration

Livestock professionals have intuitively designed Showman’s web-based interface for administrators and general users. The responsive dashboard provides quick access to critical modules and upcoming deadlines. Customizable homepages and templates control branding and looks.

Administrators appreciate the centralized control panel for managing user permissions, reports, settings and integrations. An intuitive wizard simplifies the setup of new shows, divisions, classes and templates. Conditional logic ensures cohesive scheduling between related entities.

Robust user management capabilities allow different access levels for various roles, from organizers to judges to participants—permissions control which features and data individual profiles can view, edit and export. Audit trails promote transparency and accountability.

System administrators can enable single sign-on via credentials from existing portals like 4HOnline for simplified access. Integrations with payment gateways, auctioneers, photo booth vendors, and more allow seamless data exchange. Customizable branding and templates control look and feel.

Showman’s interface truly empowers organizers by centralizing all aspects of event coordination in one cloud-based system. Intuitive features simplify everyday tasks, while powerful administration tools maintain control and security. The result is a streamlined user experience, from registration to results.

Customer Support and Pricing

Customer Support and Pricing

Showman’s customer support is considered best-in-class for the agriculture industry. The friendly staff of livestock experts is available for live chat, email and phone assistance during regular business hours. An extensive knowledge base of documentation, how-to guides and video tutorials provides self-service troubleshooting options 24/7.

Pricing is affordable and scalable for all organization sizes. Basic packages start at $99/month for a single show and include all core functionality. Additional flat-fee modules can be added à la carte as needs grow like auctions, premium book generation or photo booths.

Volume discounts are offered for statewide associations and commodity groups managing dozens of annual shows. Custom packages can also be quoted for large fairs and expositions. Showman ensures its platform remains cost-effective regardless of the size or scope of events.

An intuitive free trial is available to explore all features without commitment. New customers receive priority onboarding assistance from implementation specialists to ensure a smooth transition. Data migration services from legacy systems help get organizers up and running quickly.

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Showman’s integrated feature set, seamless user experience, and excellent support make it the top choice for managing any scale or scope of livestock shows. Their customer-centric approach ensures organizations have the right tools for long-term success in coordinating events and developing future agriculture leaders.

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