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What is DECO PIC on Your Samsung Galaxy Phone?

DECO PIC is a photo and video editing application developed by Samsung for its Galaxy smartphones. While initially introduced as a hidden feature within the default Camera app, Samsung later promoted it as a standalone app to make its creative tools more accessible. 

What is DECO PIC?

At its core, DECO PIC is a set of creative editing tools that allow Galaxy smartphone users to customize and enhance their photos and videos with various effects, masks, frames, stickers, and more before sharing them on social media platforms. 

DECO PIC Interface

DECO PIC Interface

The DECO PIC interface has been kept simple and intuitive so casual users can get started with minimal learning. When you first open the app, you will see four main tabs at the bottom – Home, Stickers, Masks, and Frames.

The Home tab shows the default camera viewfinder to capture new photos or videos. Tapping the shutter button captures the media, which loads onto the editing screen. Here, you can apply any effects or customize the output as required.

Swiping right takes you to the Stickers tab, where all available animated stickers are displayed in a grid-style layout. Swiping up/down browses through multiple pages of stickers. Tapping a sticker previews it, and tapping again adds it to the photo.

The Masks tab contains shapes that can be resized, rotated, and positioned as photo masks. Similarly, the Frames tab allows browsing and applying static picture frames of various styles.

Additional tabs like Effects, Text, and Draw are also available as separate editing tools. Overall, the interface keeps things distraction-free so you can focus on creativity. Navigation between tools is seamless with intuitive swipe gestures.

DECO PIC Permissions

Like most apps, DECO PIC also requires certain permissions to access device features for its core functions. Some of the important permissions it seeks include:


As the name suggests, this allows DECO PIC to access the device camera to capture and import photos/videos for editing.


The edited and customized media must be saved on local device storage, which requires this permission.


This is for adding audio layers while editing short video clips within the app.


This is needed only if location-tagged stickers or frames are used. The app does not actively track location.

While some permissions, like Camera and Storage, are essential for basic photo editing tasks, including Microphone and Location permissions by DECO PIC raised initial privacy concerns for some. However, Samsung has clarified that no user data is transmitted back to their servers without consent. You can also review and control app permissions from your device Settings for additional assurance.

Key DECO PIC Features in Detail

Key DECO PIC Features in Detail

Now that we understand what DECO PIC is and how its interface works, let’s look at some of its most useful features in more detail:

Live Stickers: As mentioned, these are animated stickers and emojis that add fun expressions and reactions to photos. You get hundreds of options across categories like food, animals, emotions, etc. Key aspects include:

Browsing stickers: Swipe left/right to browse multiple sticker pages in the grid view.

Previewing stickers: Tap a sticker once to preview the animation.

Adding stickers: Tap again to add the sticker to your photo. You can resize, rotate, or reposition as needed.

Layers: Stickers can be moved between foreground and background layers using layer reorder buttons.

Favorites: You can mark frequently used stickers as favorites for quick access later.

Masks: Masks allow isolating specific areas of photos using various shapes. Some pro tips:

Shape library: Hearts, stars, arrows, speech bubbles, etc, are available in different colors and sizes.

Resizing masks: Drag the handles to resize any mask to fit the photo area accurately.

Rotating masks: The two-finger rotate gesture lets you orient shapes as desired.

Layering masks: Overlapping masks create interesting layered effects.

Mask options: Adjust opacity, add outlines, or fill colors per your creative needs.

Frames: While frames are static, DECO PIC offers many stylish options to frame photos tastefully:

Browse frames: Swipe left/right to see various styles like borders, textures, doodles, etc.

Frame layers: Frames can be placed behind or over the photo for different visual effects.

Adjust sizing: Resize frames to make photos stand out optimally without cropping.

Frame colors: Some frames allow changing the accent color via the color picker.

Location-based: Frames with location tags add contextual flair when sharing geotagged media.

Filters: DECO PIC’s filter library lets you modify the look and feel of photos easily:

Filter categories: Explore filters under categories like Vintage, Nature, Night, etc., for mood.

Strength: Adjust the intensity of any filter using the slider to fine-tune the effect.

Filter layers: Filters can only be selectively applied to sticker/mask layers.

Color focus: Filters like Warmth and Coolness isolate specific color tones for accent.

One-tap filters: Get filtered photos instantly with minimal taps using the suggested filters.

Drawing: For expressing yourself freely through simple annotations:

Tools: Pencil, marker, eraser, and shapes are available in varied colors and thicknesses.

Drawing layers: Draw over or under stickers/masks on their respective layers.

Undo/redo: While drawing, mistakes can be fixed using undo/redo buttons.

Shapes: Add basic shapes and resize/rotate them like masks for visual elements.

Video editing: DECO PIC supports quick yet creative video editing on the go:

Trim videos: Adjust the start and end points to crop unnecessary footage.

Add stickers/masks: Animate stickers or apply static masks on moving videos.

Ccaptions: Overlay text on specific parts of videos using a variety of styles.

Add audio: Record voiceovers and import background music or sound effects.

Speed controls: Speed up or slow down sections of videos for creative effects.

Export: Share high-quality edited videos to social media from the app.

These are some of the most useful features that make DECO PIC a versatile yet easy-to-use mobile photo and video editor. Now, let’s look at ways to maximize its functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions About What is DECO PIC

I need help finding the DECO PIC app on my Galaxy phone. How do I access it?

A. If DECO PIC is not visible as an app icon, you can still access its features via the Camera app. Open the Camera and look for AR Zone or another creative mode within the app menu. DECO PIC tools will be available from there.

Can I use DECO PIC on non-Samsung Android devices as well?

A. No, DECO PIC is exclusively available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones as Samsung develops it. While other devices have alternative editing apps, DECO PIC’s features are optimized for Galaxy phones only.

As shown in tutorials, I see different stickers or masks on DECO PIC; why?

A. DECO PIC’s content library is regularly updated. New stickers, masks, etc, keep getting added, while outdated or less popular ones are occasionally removed. The options may vary slightly depending on your device model and app version.

Can I import my pictures instead of editing camera shots on DECO PIC?

A. Yes, you can import existing photos from your Gallery/Files app by tapping the folder icon at the bottom of DECO PIC’s home screen instead of using the in-app Camera. All editing tools remain available on imported media.

Is it safe to allow all permissions requested by DECO PIC?

A. While most permissions like Camera and Storage are essential for basic editing, you can review and control specific permissions from your device Settings if any seem unnecessary. Samsung makes DECO PIC, which is considered a safe app.

I edited a photo, but it must appear in my Gallery. Where is it saved?

A. All edited photos and videos using DECO PIC get automatically saved back to your device’s default Gallery/Photos app once exported after editing. Check there to locate the edited file.

I have an old Galaxy phone. Will DECO PIC still work well on it?

A. DECO PIC is optimized for newer Galaxy devices but should run on most models from the past 2-3 years without issues. You may face some lag on needing phone help getting the latest features due to lower hardware specs. But basic editing should work fine.

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