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Best Video Interview Software Platforms for Virtual Interviews

As remote work becomes increasingly common, video interview have become a popular screening method for employers. Video allows for assessing communication skills and evaluating candidates more personally than phone screens. This guide will explore top platforms to conduct compelling virtual interviews.


Zoom is one of the most full-featured video interview platforms. It offers reliable, high-quality HD video and audio for natural interactions. Interviewers can quickly schedule meetings and send calendar invites. They can also screen-share documents like resumes to spark discussion. In-meeting features like chat, whiteboarding, polling and breakout rooms facilitate structured interviews. Recordings are automatically saved to the cloud and can be shared or transcribed for review. A waiting room allows admitting candidates one by one for privacy. Integrations with Google and Office 365 calendars provide flexibility. The free Basic account supports up to 100 participants for 40 minutes, which is suitable for most screening needs.

Google Meet

Google Meet provides a HIPAA-compliant, secure platform well-suited for healthcare and government employers with sensitive compliance needs. Features like real-time live captions, breakout rooms and polling tools allow for conducting accessible yet structured interviews. The chat function automatically saves transcripts that can be reviewed later. Interviewers can embed Meet links directly into job postings for easy candidate access. Calendar integrations with G Suite allow scheduling now from Google, and the mobile app adds convenience. Free versions are generous, including up to 100 participants and no meeting time limits.

Microsoft Teams

Teams offer a robust suite of collaboration tools to enhance remote hiring workflows. Interviewers can schedule and view meetings on a shared calendar. Screensharing allows highlighting candidate resume details to spark discussion. Recording and automated transcription capabilities streamline later review. Private channels securely organize communications by the candidate. The 1GB file storage and 10GB team chat history provide enough capacity for interview materials. Free versions include all core meeting and collaboration functionality.


It provides a simple, no-download video interview option for those seeking ease of use. It allows the generation of secure video rooms via a browser link that can be shared. The waiting room feature allows preparing in private before admitting candidates. Recordings are automatically saved to the cloud for later review. Integrations with Google and Office 365 calendars add structure. Free basic accounts simultaneously provide up to 50 participants and unlimited meeting time for most screening needs.

Interview Schedule

Interview Schedule provides a robust applicant tracking-style platform focused exclusively on scheduling interviews. Candidates can self-book slots directly on the interview manager’s public calendar page. The system automatically sends reminders to help prevent no-shows. Discussions can then be seamlessly conducted via built-in video conferencing integrations with Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. Transcription tools allow interviewers to capture verbatim responses for easy review later. Plans start at $15 monthly for up to 100 scheduled interview slots, making it cost-effective for high-volume screening.

Spark Hire

Best Video Interview Software Platforms for Virtual Interviews

Spark Hire offers a comprehensive all-in-one recruiting solution that handles all stages, from scheduling to feedback. Its assessment center-style experience allows for the evaluation of candidates in a structured yet interactive manner. Video and text chat functions, screen sharing, and digital whiteboarding tools facilitate in-depth discussions. AI-powered feedback objectively highlights strengths and growth areas. The $49 per month per hiring manager provides excellent value, especially for those seeking an end-to-end recruiting platform.


HireVue specializes in standardized, structured interviewing and assessments. Candidates receive prep materials to review remotely and then submit video responses from any device. Advanced AI analyzes both verbal and non-verbal behaviours to reduce human bias. Interviewers benefit from robust reporting and analytics to compare candidates more objectively. Starting at just $5 per candidate interviewed, volume discounts make it cost-effective for high-volume screening needs where consistency is paramount.

Jobvite Interview

Jobvite Interview seamlessly streamlines the entire interview process directly within an applicant tracking system. Scheduling, interview guides, feedback and scoring tools provide an integrated experience. Conducting interviews via the built-in Zoom integration allows recruiting teams to move candidates through the process efficiently without switching platforms. Holistic candidate comparison analytics and reporting facilities facilitate informed selection decisions. Plans begin at $99 per month per hiring team.


Sonru provides a highly customizable AI-powered interview platform to streamline screening. Automated skills-based questions can efficiently evaluate candidates’ hard and soft skills through their responses. For jobs requiring deeper evaluation, live video interviews allow recruiters to follow up. AI transcripts capture word-for-word responses to enable objective review later. Comprehensive analytics and structured feedback tools accelerate selection by highlighting the best matches. Starting at a low $5 per interview conducted, volume discounts make it very cost-effective for high-volume screening needs.

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MyInterview offers a structured approach focused exclusively on behavioural interviews. Questions directly link to core job competencies, allowing recruiters to evaluate fit and potential consistently. Video interviews are conducted privately and securely through the platform. AI transcripts capture verbatim responses for review—comparison analytics objectively benchmark candidates against the defined behavioural framework. Customizable templates integrate seamlessly with applicant tracking systems. Plans begin at $10 per candidate, which is affordable for most hiring needs.

Virtual Interview Best Practices

While technology enables remote interviews, soft skills remain critical to success. Prepare questions in advance and research candidates online. Establish rapport by making a great first impression with lighting, background and attire. Engage with eye contact, smiles and active listening. Ask behavioural and situational questions to evaluate competence and fit. Take thorough notes to recall key points later. Send timely follow-ups, thanking candidates for their time.

Addressing Challenges of Remote Interviewing

Technical difficulties may occur, so prepare contingencies. Test equipment ahead of time and provide alternative contact methods if needed. Keep conversations focused if distractions arise. Lack of in-person cues requires observing tone, enunciation and body language closely. Build trust through transparency about the process and timeline. Be understanding of varying home environments and respect candidates’ privacy. Record only with permission.

Creating an Inclusive Hiring Experience

To attract top, diverse talent:

  1. Promote accessibility.
  2. Provide interview prep materials in multiple formats.
  3. Accommodate scheduling preferences and offer flexible arrangements when needed.
  4. Train interviewers on mitigating unconscious biases.
  5. Use inclusive language and consider candidates holistically beyond resumes.
  6. Evaluate skills demonstrated rather than assumed cultural fit.
  7. Promote psychological safety so all candidates can perform at their best regardless of background.

In Summary

These top virtual interviewing platforms streamline the end-to-end process through integrated scheduling, video conferencing, assessments, AI-powered transcription, robust analytics, and structured review tools. Their feature sets and pricing models suit various hiring workflows and budgets. By choosing a platform tailored to their specific needs, recruiters can conduct remote interviews without compromising quality, gaining efficiencies to make informed selection decisions.

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