How To Apply for Video Game Content Manager Jobs

Getting a video game content manager job can be a great way to start in the video gaming industry. It requires strong skills in communication, marketing, and organizational management. To find video game content manager jobs, you need to look for postings on job boards and apply directly to employers. It would help if you also networked with people with experience in video game content management and took advantage of internships. To increase your chances of landing a video game content manager job, you need to create an impressive resume with relevant experience and qualifications and demonstrate a passion for video gaming. Showing initiative by creating quality video game content can also help you stand out in the job market.

The key to succeeding in video game content manager jobs is to have a creative vision and the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. You can make it in video game content management with hard work and dedication. This article will discuss how to apply for video game manager jobs.

Research the Video Game Industry

Research the video game industry and content manager jobs to understand the job better. Understand what video game content manager jobs entail, such as creating video game storytelling campaigns, implementing video game marketing strategies, and working with design teams to create video games. Also, investigate what qualifications employers seek in potential hires for game content manager jobs, such as educational background and industry experience. Doing your research will help you ensure that video game content manager jobs fit your interests and skill set.

Have A Relevant Degree or Certification

A video game content manager must have a relevant degree or certification to secure a job in the industry. This may mean completing an undergraduate degree in video game design, computer science, multimedia/graphic design, or another related field. It is also important to acquire additional certifications such as Microsoft Certified Professional and Adobe Creative Suite to demonstrate a mastery of video game content creation. Potential video game content manager candidates should also understand the industry and be familiar with the latest trends and technology within the field. This helps to give them an edge when applying for jobs as video game content managers.

Develop Your Video Game Portfolio

It is important to have a video game portfolio to stand out from the competition and be a successful video game content manager. This can include clips of video game playthroughs, video reviews, and analysis of video games, as well as any video game-related content you’ve created or edited. A strong video game portfolio will show video game companies that you are knowledgeable and experienced in video game content, making you a great candidate for video game content manager jobs. Consider including video game-related projects on your resume or website to showcase the type of work you can do. Having an online portfolio that potential employers can easily access is also highly recommended.

Develop a Resume

You must provide a resume when applying for game content manager jobs. Your resume should highlight your experience in video game development and design and any relevant certifications or degrees. It should also discuss any video game-related accomplishments you have achieved. You can also include video game content management skills, such as video editing, game scriptwriting, content curation, and video analytics. Further, you should include any awards or recognition you earned in the video game industry. A well-crafted resume will demonstrate your experience as a video game content manager. It can help you stand out from other candidates when applying for video game content manager jobs.

Find Video Game Content Manager Job Postings

Numerous job boards and websites dedicated to video gaming offer listings of available opportunities. Many companies post openings directly on their websites or social media accounts, so check those sources. You can utilize networking sites such as LinkedIn to seek video game content manager job postings. This can be done by searching for video gaming-related groups or setting up notifications that will alert you when video game content manager roles become available. Additionally, consider contacting video game companies directly and inquiring about open positions. Doing this will allow you to demonstrate your interest in the video game industry and make a good impression on potential employers.

Use Video Game Industry Contacts

By networking with those in the video game industry, such as developers, marketers, and other content creators, you can learn more about job openings and make a strong impression with your application materials. Having video game industry contacts can open doors for informational interviews or introductions to video game employers. You can create a profile on job search platforms or use video game-focused networking sites, such as the Video Game Industry Network, to find video game industry contacts. With the right video game industry contacts, you can stand out amongst other applicants and increase your chances of getting hired for video game content manager jobs.

Demonstrate Your Video Game Content Management Skills

When applying for video game content manager jobs, showcasing your video game content management skills is important. Demonstrate an understanding of how video game content works and how it fits into the larger video game industry. Showcase any experience managing video game content or related projects, like developing marketing plans or writing scripts for video games. Provide examples of how you understand video game content and can effectively manage video game assets. This could include writing articles about video games, developing video tutorials on how to play video games, creating video game artwork, or managing video game fan communities. Highlight any unique skills or experiences that make you an ideal candidate for a video game content management position.

Prepare For Video Game Interviews

Researching current trends in video games, related technology, and industry developments can demonstrate your knowledge and passion to potential employers. It is also beneficial to review common interview questions such as “what experience do you have with video game content management?” and “what video game titles have you worked on in the past?” It is important to be prepared to discuss your video game design skills, industry contacts, and problem-solving capabilities related to video game content management. And investigate what the company is looking for in a video game content manager and emphasize those qualities during the interview. Being well-prepared can demonstrate your enthusiasm while helping you stand out from other applicants.

Follow Up After Submitting Video Game Applications

After you submit video game content manager job applications, following up with the hiring team is important. This shows them you are serious about the position and demonstrates your interest in working for their company. Contact the hiring manager directly or call a few days after submitting your application to ensure they have received it and to check on its status. Thank the hiring team for their time and express your enthusiasm for the job. This will help ensure that your application stands out from other applicants.

Consider Video Game Contractors

If you are unable to commit to a video game content manager job on a full-time basis, consider video game contractors as an alternative. Many video game companies hire contractors to work on specific projects or parts of overall video game development. These opportunities often provide the same experience and rewards that come with a full-time job. Contractors are typically paid hourly, or per project, so you can choose the amount of freelance video game work you’re comfortable with. Video game contractors often have more flexibility in their schedules and the projects they take on. This makes video game contracting an ideal way to build your video game portfolio and gain valuable video game experience.


Becoming a video game content manager requires knowledge of the industry and strong technical skills. By researching job postings and networking with video game professionals, you can learn more about the video gaming industry and position yourself to be hired for video game content manager jobs. It would help if you also had an updated resume showcasing your video game experience and technical qualifications. Furthermore, portfolio pieces demonstrating your video game content management skills can be a great asset when applying for game content manager jobs. With the right dedication and preparation, you can land a video game content manager job with an exciting video gaming organization.

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