What is Iganony? Is it Free? Everything You Should Know

Instagram is a prominent social networking site where users may share their daily life with others. Instagram Stories is one of the tool’s best-known features. Instagram stories enable users to publish their brief glimpses with those who follow them. Others, however, choose to browse these stories without exposing their name.           

Iganony may be a beneficial story viewer tool for you if you prioritize anonymity (hence the name “Iganony”) and want to keep your account identify disguised when watching other people’s IG stories. Its characteristics makes it a unique tool, and we will highlight them in this article.

It states that you may access stuff without revealing your identity. It’s an excellent option to keep your identity anonymous while continuing to love the platform’s contents.

Let’s first look at the meaning of the name and its definition

What is Iganony?


Iganony is a web service that allows you to browse and save stories from Instagram anonymously. Because Insta cannot offer this functionality, the only option for those who wish to keep a private secret while viewing other’s IG stories is to use an external program.

Basically, the sole purpose of this tool to exist is to offer what others don’t offer, a lot of people on Instagram are social and very public. However, actually most of them want to keep their accounts private and anonymous because they feel comfortable in that region.

Every online tool has their limitation and so does this one. Its unable to download and fetch the stories of the accounts which are private following the Rules & Regulations of Instagram.

Is it Illegal?

We know this (private, anonymous) tool sounds very illegal but the reason it isn’t is because of the fact it only fetches the stories of the accounts which are public.

For example, you and your friend (which has their account public) just got into a fight and now you want to view their stories without them knowing. In this specific case, one can use Iganony and get what they want.

Is it Safe to Use?

According to their official website, this website is safe to use because it uses SSL encryption to protect our information and to keep our browsing anonymous.

It also clarifies that this website cannot access private stories. Don’t be sad because that’s literally illegal.

Iganony is a free online tool for viewing and downloading Instagram stories. It allows you to see the content of other people’s stories on IG privately, something the real version of Instagram does not. We are all on Instagram on a regular basis, and there are occasions when we need to view what other individuals are doing without their knowing. One method is to look at their Instagram stories.

Let’s look on how to use the website and access other people’s stories.

How Can We Use Iganony?

The technique of utilizing Iganony is straightforward and requires no advanced knowledge. Users can access the Iganony site or platform using any web browser on any device. You must enter the username of the Instagram user that has stories that you want to see anonymously. Iganony will get stories that are linked with the login you enter. You may now access the material without having to sign in to Insta. The tool normally provides an easy-to-use interface that presents the retrieved content for anonymous reading.


As you can see in the above screenshot, the user searches a public Instagram account whom which they want to access their stories, you can also see the download option beneath every story slide which has been posted. After clicking on download, it will be saved as a PNG form on whichever device you’re using to access the website.


Iganony doesn’t own any tool or doesn’t have any tool in their name as they work only using their website, any tool present on the AppStore or the Google Play Store with the name Iganony isn’t the real one. Using those tools will risk the media taken from those stories in the wrong hands.

Let’s move towards the key features of this tool.

What are the Two Key Advantages of this Tool?


It Conceals Your Identity.

People may desire to do this for a variety of reasons. That is not the emphasis of the tool. Its major goal is to conceal one’s identity.

How does it accomplish this?

By not requiring individuals to sign onto their user accounts. This means you won’t need to login in to your account on Instagram in order to use this feature. Simply log in, search for the individual, and begin viewing/downloading their published works.

It Also Allows You to Download Stories.

Iganony not only allows users to see stories anonymously, but it also allows them to save them. You may quickly obtain media from people’s stories. This saves users the time and effort of looking for another program for downloading stories independently.

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