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How Looka Makes Professional Branding Accessible for All 

Creating a strong brand identity is crucial for any business that wants to succeed. However, designing logos and branding materials can be a complex and expensive process if done through traditional graphic design agencies. This is where Looka comes in – an AI-powered platform that makes professional logo design and branding accessible and affordable for all.

What is Looka?

Looka is an AI-powered solution that allows anyone to create high-quality logos and branding materials for their business without design experience. Since launching in 2018, over 5 million users have benefitted from Looka’s intuitive tools that generate logos within minutes. Its core is an AI-powered logo maker guiding users through a simple process of providing inputs, browsing concepts, refining selections and downloading final logos. Additionally, Looka‘s Brand Kit subscription unlocks 300+ professionally designed branding templates. By continuously learning and adapting, Looka has transformed complex branding into an affordable process resulting in memorable visual identities for all types of businesses.

How Looka Works

The Looka logo design process consists of just 5 simple steps:

Enter Your Company Name and Industry

To get started, you’ll need to provide Looka with some basic details about your business. This includes your company or brand name, as well as the industry you operate in. Providing this context helps Looka’s AI better understand your business and tailor the logo designs accordingly.

Choose Your Design Inspiration

Next, you’ll select visual elements that inspire your ideal logo design. This could include preferred styles, colors, icons/symbols, and more. By selecting inspirations you like, Looka can focus the logo concepts it generates to match your personal tastes.

Browse AI-Generated Logo Concepts

Within minutes, Looka will start presenting you with logo concepts based on the inputs provided. As you browse, Looka’s AI analyzes your behaviors and interactions to surface even more relevant designs. This iterative process ensures you find the perfect logo with minimal effort.

Refine Your Selected Logo

Once you’ve found a logo you like, it’s time to refine it to perfection. Looka allows editing colors, layouts, icons/symbols and more. Changes are reflected live, so there’s no need to second-guess your design decisions.

Download Your Finalized Logo

When you’re completely satisfied, simply purchase your logo package to download all the high-resolution files and brand assets you need. Looka provides everything from social media graphics to print-ready PDFs for your new logo.

By guiding you step-by-step and adapting based on your feedback, Looka ensures the process of designing a professional logo is simple and intuitive for all, regardless of design experience. Its AI-powered approach is also incredibly efficient, allowing most users to finish the entire workflow within an hour.

Looka’s Features

Looka's Features

While its logo design capabilities are impressive on their own, Looka truly shines through a combination of powerful features only possible with advanced AI technologies. Here’s a closer look at some of its most notable offerings:

  1. Brand Kit: As mentioned, this subscription unlocks over 300 templates for social posts, business cards, letterheads, and more. It allows building a fully coordinated brand identity.
  2. Advanced Customization: Looka provides extensive options to refine icons, colors, layouts and more until the design is perfect. Changes update live based on your feedback.
  3. Social Media Ready: Logos are optimized for all major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Graphics are also included.
  4. File Types: Logos can be downloaded in high-resolution PNG, JPG, PDF and vector EPS/AI formats for both print and digital use.
  5. Continuous Improvement: Looka’s AI learns from each interaction to serve increasingly relevant concepts over time. Logos can also be refined at any point.
  6. Intuitive Interface: Even non-designers can easily navigate Looka’s clean, simple interface to create logos without confusion.
  7. Affordability: Pricing starts from just $20 for basic use, making professional branding accessible to all.
  8. Customer Support: Live chat, email and phone assistance is available for any issues or questions users may have.

Through features only possible with advanced AI, Looka delivers an end-to-end solution for creating fully optimized branding on a budget. Its capabilities continue to expand as well, recently adding website design to the Brand Kit.

Looka Customer Stories

To better illustrate how real businesses have leveraged Looka, here are a few customer case studies:

Yoga Studio – A yoga instructor wanted to establish her new studio brand. Within an hour on Looka, she designed a modern yet calming logo incorporating lotus flowers. She then used the Brand Kit to create social profiles, flyers and more – launching her studio’s identity for just $100.

Restaurant – A restaurant owner needed to rebrand after changing concepts but didn’t have a design budget. On Looka, he found a rustic, farmhouse-inspired logo that captured his new vision. Combined with menu templates from the Brand Kit, he completely overhauled his brand’s visuals for only $50.

Photography Business – A photographer struggled with an outdated logo that didn’t represent her elegant portrait style. On Looka, she generated over 50 logo concepts before selecting a script design incorporating her initials. She now uses the logo across all her branded materials from the Brand Kit subscription.

As these examples show, Looka has helped businesses of all sizes and budgets establish polished, professional brands tailored to their unique visions. Its intuitive design tools and affordable pricing make high-quality branding accessible to solopreneurs, startups and established companies alike.

Integrating Looka into Your Marketing Strategy

Integrating Looka into Your Marketing Strategy

While Looka makes branding accessible, it’s important to integrate your new visual identity into a comprehensive marketing strategy in order to see real business results. Here are some effective ways to leverage your Looka-designed branding:


Beyond just a logo, Looka’s Brand Kit subscription includes website templates that allow non-technical users to create a fully branded online presence. Ensure your Looka logo and colors are prominently featured on your website to establish credibility and recognition.

Business Cards

Looka’s business card templates allow printing high-quality, professionally designed cards matched to your branding. Distribute these at every opportunity to spread awareness of your business wherever you go.

Social Media

Post regularly across platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn using Looka’s social media graphics and templates. Consistent branding across all channels helps build familiarity and trust with potential customers.

Email Marketing

Include your logo and colors in email signatures and newsletters. Looka makes it easy to create visually appealing email templates that grab attention and complement your written messaging.

Print Collateral

Print materials like flyers, brochures and posters allow spreading your brand offline. Leverage Looka’s templates for these to maintain consistency across all touchpoints.

Promotional Products

Branded giveaways like pens, notebooks and apparel are an engaging way to introduce your business. Looka’s templates simplify ordering customized merchandise matched to your new visual identity.

With its diverse library of professionally designed templates, Looka empowers businesses of all sizes and budgets to execute an impactful multi-channel branding strategy. Consistently showcasing your new logo and colors across all marketing activities helps establish a memorable and authoritative brand presence in the market.

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Looka has transformed the process of designing logos and visual identities through its intuitive AI-powered platform. By guiding users every step of the way and continuously learning, Looka streamlines the creation of logos and branding materials. Its vast library of professionally crafted templates then allows executing branding across all marketing activities. As a result, businesses of all types and sizes can now establish polished, memorable brands to attract more customers – all without the large price tag of traditional graphic design firms. Whether you’re launching a new venture or need an overhaul for an existing brand, Looka is certainly worth exploring as your strategic branding partner.

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