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Today, we’re introducing a completely Innovative gateway to be creative in Divi WordPress Game Changer. This new function improves the smoothness of your design process and will enable you to save plenty of time when constructing new websites. It is also not accessible in any other of website builder. We’re exploring Fluid Styles, an option that will let you quickly transfer any design-style, set of classes from one option to another, The page is with simple mouse movement and the click of a button. It’s tough to convey how great this state of the art feature is so one should try it out for on there own.

Activate Your Imagination

Fluid Styles aims to improve style management by modularizing all Divi settings and allowing for the free flow of ideas around the page. But, with the press of a button, any option or combination of choices in Divi WordPress Game Changer may now be duplicated from one aspect and transferred to other aspect on the page. There’s no need to continually re-configuring the same layout options. Copy-paste from wherever to anywhere in an instant.

Assume you’re working on pricing sheet and have just finished designing your website’s latest button layout. Copy all your custom button configurations by right-clicking on the Option Group Button. Rather than customizing these options in additional modules, right-click on any module and copy the styles. The magic of these designs is that they are module-independent. Button styles from a Pricing sheet module can be copied and pasted into a any module. Previously, you would have had to configure number of options again, which may have taken a lot of time. It now only takes seconds! This method applies to all module settings, not just button styles.

To distribute styles across your page, utilize the cmd+option+c/v and ctrl+alt+c/v keyboard commands instead of right-clicking. Assume you’re working on a Text module and want to use a different font for the titles page . The independent title typeface can be duplicated and pasted into any module on the given page in a bit. Divi detects that you copy the title font and assigns that value to the appropriate element in each module.

Individual Preferences

Any layout and style can now be copied and pasted from the settings model to other page modules. Assume you’re working on a new page and need to use some what different font for some page names. approx every Divi WordPress Game Changer module offers a title and numerous title text options. Instead of going through each module and change the font of the title text, copy the font of module and paste it into every other mod where you wish to use that font. Because you just copied the font choice for the title, all different font settings are kept as you move the font about the page.

Finish Option Groups

Individual options, as well as complete option groups, can be exchanged! Assume you’re designing a Box Shadow and Button style. There are number of settings in these two option categories; mastering them can take a long time. Converting those hundreds of precisely constructed button styles and box-shadow options to various modules may have taken plenty of time in the previous version of Divi. That was back in the day! Right-click on the option group button and copy your button design to use on another module! Then, you may use those button styles on any module with a button. Box shadows are the same way. Point, click, and drag that one-of-a-kind box shadow wherever you like.

Designs for Complete Modules

Divi WordPress Game Changer

All design styles can be moved from one mod to another. Only the design options are copied when you copy-paste design styles. The content of your module is unaffected. This allows you to promptly copy the design amoung similar groups of same modules on your page.

Across a Variety of Option Types

You are not limited to duplicating a text color to other text choices because you copied it. By replicating a text color, you can instantaneously replace different color values on the website, such as button and backdrop colors, or colours within the gradients. For example, you can copy photos from image modules and use them as backdrop images or copy a title typeface and use it as font of the button. There isnt any need to repeat hex digits or image URLs. It is optional to look through font list.

Copy-Paste Anything You Want

You can copy-paste styles in Divi by right-clicking anywhere on the page. seprate options, Top option groups, some of the parent model tabs, and the parent module can be styled. Divi understands which locations can accept copied styles and will allow you to paste whenever its possible.

When you are copying title text colour from Call to Action mod, you can paste it to the title text color option in another mod, or you can paste it into the parent Title Text option group, the parent Design settings tab, or the module itself. When copying, you can paste something laterally or upward in the settings options.

Options can be quickly reset

Not only may design settings be shared but they can also be reset. You may quickly restore the default values of a module, settings tab, option group, or option by right-clicking it. There’s no need to methodically reset numnber of options when you change your mind about your design direction.

Enhanced Creativity

Divi WordPress Game Changer

Divi should be a place where creativity can flourish, where you may start with a blank canvas and sculpt it into something extraordinary. The dreadful boredom of tweaking a hundred distinct options repeatedly across various modules while attempting to strike that perfect design notion is the creative process’s most challenging foe. Fortunately, those days of annoyance are over. When you build something in Divi today, the design styles become modular, allowing you to effortlessly reproduce and apply them to any other element on the page. The builder should be a place where you may come up with beautiful ideas and explore them without being hampered by useless activity. Divi can completely replace design tools like Photoshop and Sketch for website design.

Time Saved

These adjustments add to the minutes, hours, and days saved while establishing new websites. Divi’s primary purpose is to improve your design process’s efficiency significantly. It’s not just about what you can create but how quickly and easily you can construct those creations.

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