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Twitch Prime – Everything You Need to Know

Twitch Prime is a premium membership for the popular game streaming platform Twitch, providing exclusive benefits and rewards for subscribers. As gaming and live streaming have grown exponentially in popularity in recent years, Twitch has emerged as the leading destination for gamers to watch their favourite streamers and interact with the gaming community. With over 30 million active users daily, Twitch offers an engaging experience for both viewers and creators. However, users can subscribe to Twitch Prime to unlock additional features and perks.

What is Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime is a premium membership program with an Amazon Prime subscription for the Twitch platform. Launched in 2016 as a partnership between Twitch and Amazon, Twitch Prime provides exclusive rewards, discounts, and features to users with an active Amazon Prime membership.

Twitch Prime Benefits

Now that we understand what Twitch Prime is let’s dive into the specific benefits and rewards that subscribers receive each month:

Free Games

One of the marquee perks is getting 5+ free monthly PC games that can be downloaded and kept forever. Games span all genres and are usually recent or highly-rated indie titles. Subscribers must “claim” the games during each monthly window to add them to their game libraries.

Exclusive In-Game Loot

Many popular games on Twitch offer unique loot and cosmetic items that can only be obtained through Twitch Prime. Subscribers get a steady stream of free skins, currency, and other boosts delivered to supported titles.

Free Channel Subscriptions

With Prime, users get one free monthly subscription to apply to any Twitch channel. This allows you to support your favourite streamers while gaining their exclusive emotes and ad-free viewing.

Twitch Chat Customization

Prime members unlock special chat badges and get access to unique emotes for use in comments. You can also customize your chat colour using an RGB slider.

Prime Video Integration

The Twitch and Prime Video experiences are now fully linked, letting you watch shows and movies directly within Twitch. This enhances the dual-screening of entertainment while gaming or streaming.

Discount on Games & Merch

Amazon offers 20% discounts on pre-orders and new physical games/items for Twitch streamers and their communities. This is applied at checkout.

Dedicated Prime Gaming Site

All Prime Gaming content is organized through a dedicated site at, including free games, in-game loot, and upcoming offers.

Customer Support

Prime members get priority customer support through Twitch with faster response times if any issues arise.

This is just a high-level overview – we’ll explore some of these perks in more depth later. As you can see, Twitch Prime provides significant value for both casual and dedicated Twitch users through its monthly freebies and exclusive rewards.

Twitch Prime Free Games

Twitch Prime Free Games

One of the standout benefits of Twitch Prime is the free PC games included as part of your monthly subscription. Here’s a closer look at how the Twitch Prime free games program works:

  • Games are usually announced by the 5th of each month and are available to “claim” until the last day of the month.
  • Various genres are covered, from indie titles to AAA hits, usually numbering 5-10 free games per month.
  • Once claimed, the games are linked to your Twitch/Amazon account forever with no expiration date.
  • Games can be downloaded via the Prime Gaming website or Twitch desktop app and added to your game library.
  • Popular PC storefronts, including Steam, Epic Games Store, Origin and Uplay, are supported for redemption.
  • The quality and value of the free games are generally excellent, often including recent releases or critically acclaimed indie darlings.

To stay on top of the free monthly games, regularly check the Prime Gaming website under the “Monthly Games” section after the first of each month. Some past highlights have included Control, Rise of the Tomb Raider, STAR WARS Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy and many more. With the consistent stream of free high-quality games, Twitch Prime quickly pays for itself if you enjoy PC gaming.

Twitch Prime In-Game Loot

Twitch Prime In-Game Loot

Another major perk is the free exclusive in-game loot that Twitch Prime provides each month for some of Twitch’s most popular multiplayer titles. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Dozens of games are supported, including Fortnite, Apex Legends, League of Legends, Destiny 2 and more.
  • New free loot drops are made available on the first Tuesday of each month.
  • Rewards range from character skins to weapons, currency emotes and other boosts.
  • To redeem the loot, your Twitch account must be linked to the supported game via their respective platforms.
  • Popular items from past months include Legendary weapon skins in Apex, character outfits in Fortnite, and rare emotes in League of Legends.
  • The loot provides both aesthetic and competitive advantages in supported games.

By keeping up with the new monthly loot drops, Twitch Prime members can continuously enhance their experience in some of the most viewed games on the service. The rewards also provide an extra incentive to engage more deeply with the Twitch community.

Twitch Prime Chat Customization

Beyond access to special emotes with channel subscriptions, Twitch Prime unlocks additional chat perks as well:

  • Prime members get a unique purple “Prime” badge next to their name in chat.
  • An expanded set of global Twitch Prime emotes can be used site-wide in any channel’s chat.
  • Subscribers also gain the ability to customize their chat text colour using an RGB slider for added flair.

These small chat features help Prime members stand out in live streams and express themselves more creatively when interacting with communities. The exclusive emotes add an extra social element to the Twitch experience.

Twitch Prime & Prime Video Integration

In recent years, Twitch has worked to more tightly integrate with Amazon Prime Video for an enhanced dual-screen experience:

  • Prime members can now watch Prime Video shows and movies directly within the Twitch player.
  • Popular series are promoted on Twitch for “watch parties” where communities can view together.
  • Video playback is seamlessly optimized for gaming with features like picture-in-picture.
  • Chat remains accessible for social co-viewing while watching entertainment.
  • Links to related Prime Video content are included on many Twitch channel pages.

The synergies between Twitch and Prime Video provide extra value for subscribers by combining gameplay, streaming and shows/movies into one fluid experience.

Twitch Prime Discounts

As an added perk, Twitch Prime offers select merchandise and game discounts through partner promotions:

  • 20% off discount on pre-orders and new physical games/items sold via Amazon.
  • Exclusive offers and bundles are sometimes available from game publishers.
  • Limited-time deals on streaming gear, controllers and other gaming products.
  • Subscriber-only promo codes are distributed through Twitch messaging.
  • Discounts stack on top of other Amazon Prime member savings as well.

While the discounts are not always available, they provide extra savings potential for dedicated Twitch viewers and streamers on their gaming hobby purchases.

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In summary, Twitch Prime provides an excellent selection of freebies, discounts and exclusive features that are well worth the bundled subscription for avid Twitch users and gamers. Prime members gain significant advantages over basic accounts, from free games and in-game loot to chat perks and subscriber discounts.

With over 30 million daily users, Twitch has become the premier destination for game streaming and community engagement. Twitch Prime takes that experience even further by unlocking premium rewards and benefits for subscribers. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or casual viewer, Prime offers extra value that enhances Twitch.

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