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Following technological improvements may seem like an impossible endeavor, however it does not necessarily need to be that hard. Tech dabs have gathered the ten must-see technology-based sites which can keep one updated on issues and questions on technology. If you are interested in learning more about this field, go through the sites mentioned below and pick the ones suits you.

The Verge

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Technology enthusiasts looking to keep up with the latest information pertaining to tech-related news, reviews, and stories can always rely on the Verge. In laymen language, The Verge offers sophisticated writing without the usual tech nonsense and verbiage. The verge provides reviews on the newest smartphones, cutting edge computer related hardware, and news on different tech-based platforms. In addition to reporting on upcoming technological innovations. It has become one of the most relatable sources concerning news about the latest gadgets and related innovations.


Tech Blogs

Readers can rely on TechCrunch to keep pace with the advancements in the technology sector. Articles on this platform provide useful information written using simple English which any person without knowledge of technology can understand. Whatever you are looking for concerning new devices, new investments, or new businesses, TechCrunch will give details to you. TechCrunch provides you with the latest, reliable, and relevant information on the constantly changing tech environment. Through its professional presentation as a news media organization.


Tech Blogs

Be informed on what is happening in the world of gadgets by reading Gizmodo. Considering that Gizmodo is the leading voice on everything digital, it gives highly interesting information in a simple language that everybody can follow. If you’re techy-minded or merely curious about the newest gadgets, Gizmodo has what it takes. They have got a team of experts who select the most important news and send it to you through your TV set or laptop. You can always visit their site and be updated on today’s technology, plus all the cool gear that is redefining our time.


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Wired provides you with everything pertaining to technology through its many interesting and factual discussions. it offers extensive coverage and short reports of the latest high-tech developments in this direction of thought. Every article is constructed on a combination of long-form and short-form writing with simple words used to communicate the information in an easy-to-grasp manner. Wired.com stands out from many other tech blogs due to several unique characteristics

Interdisciplinary Perspective

Technological coverage is not the only thing that Wired.com reports on. It is an attempt to look at how technology relates itself to social aspects of culture, science, business and policy. An interdisciplinary perspective, however, offers a broader view and in-depth interpretation of these developments.

In-depth Journalism

Wired.com differs from numerous tech blogs because it mostly deals with detailed reports and essays. Usually, it carries out lengthy articles or research pieces about different relevant issues.

High-quality Writing

Wired.com has great attention towards excellent writing quality. It has well-researched articles that have an insightful approach, and a few times it incorporates interviews with experts. It ensures that the quality of its content is maintained at a high-level and thus makes this blog stand out among others which are mostly inconsistent in maintaining good publishing standards.


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On top of this, there is engadget which purposefully avails you with the ongoing updates regarding the latest technological innovations. They search thoroughly through the tech world so that they can provide readers with detailed and professionally-written news about different gizmos, programs, and accessories. Articles are written in plain language that makes it possible for the readers to grasp even the most difficult concepts. Engadget talk about everything in technology, ranging from smartphones to virtual reality having the first-hand information enables us to keep you up-to-date.


Tech Blogs

Do you feel there are too many gizmos to choose from when looking to purchase a tech gizmo? For up-to-date information on new gadgets, products and reviews log onto CNET. The resource group of specialists offer insightful and intelligent commentary concerning everything related from smart phones to smart house hardware. CNET uses a simple language in order to make people grasp the inner workings of technology. Tech geeks and use CNET to remain well-informed with new products to enable them make better choices.


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When you need to know what is happening in technology world, how to use your gadget, and advanced lessons on programming languages such as Python, Mashable remains relevant. It has a simple design, clear content arrangements for articles that can be easily understood by readers who want to learn about the recent technology innovations. Mashable stands out from other tech blogs due to several unique characteristics such as
Influence and Reach– Currently, Mashable is one of the best blogs on the Internet and receives more than 10 million unique visitors per months. Most of the other tech blogs cannot compare with its outreach and influence.
Focus on social media– Mashable is now the leading online destination for social media news and updates around the world. It has been dubbed as the one stop shop for social media such is its distinction with quite many other tech blogs.
User-Friendly and Customizable– With technology, readers need updated version that is user easy and customizable which Mashable provides. Such level of customization improves user participation and distinguishes it from a lot of technical blogs.

PC Mag

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If you’re reading this, it probably means you’re utilizing some sort of technology in order to read it. Maybe it’s on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It doesn’t really matter what device you use; it is likely that you want to maximize how good it makes you feel. That is where we, namely PC Mag, play an important role. For all your computing requirements, PC Mag is the authoritative source. on the latest technology trends and updates.
It doesn’t matter if you are in the market for a new laptop, want to upgrade your gaming setup, or just want to stay up-to-date on the latest software developments, PC Mag is the go-to resource for all things tech. With easy-to-understand language and a professional tone, PC Mag is the perfect guide for both beginners and tech experts alike.


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Most of the times life comes so fast that we think we do not have enough hours in the day. This is what Lifehacker is about, the ultimate guide for any person who needs a quick fix on productivity issues and homemade tricks. No matter you are looking forward to streamlining your morning routine, simplifying your work process, or mastering new useful skills to maintain order around the house, Lifehacker has got you shielded with useful hands-on tips every person can apply in everyday life. Lifehacker provides everything that you might need to know about productivity tech tutorials, money-saving tips and many other useful details to make your life more comfortable.


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With the advancement of business technology in this century, companies need to keep abreast of emerging issues and ideas. That’s where ZDNet kicks in – offering niche insights into IT-business topics. In plain English and with formal flair, ZDNet provides in-depth information about everything from AI to cybersecurity, and beyond.
By being familiar with ZDNet among other sources. Business entities remain well-informed with what is happening in the world of technology. Accordingly take proactive steps towards successful operation in the digital era.

There are good many sources for one’s tech news and reviews to keep up-to-date with what is new about them. You can find anything news, insight, and product reviews of almost everything in tech. No matter which niche you are looking for, from tech, life hacks to software. Hopefully, this list has guided you towards finding the most appropriate website for a successful tech trip. These include, From the Verge and PC Mag sites which provide useful data for readers to base their decisions on or for purposes of advancing in the industry. Keep reading, researching, learning and changing the world with technology.

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