From Chatbots to AI Assistants: The Best Help Desk Ticketing Systems for 2023

When you are just starting, service problems will be something new that you have yet to use. But over time, handling both internal and external items become a formidable challenge. It is when an efficient help desk becomes necessary.

Help desk managers can provide outstanding customer service with features. It includes saving and reusing waiting list responses, organizing tickets by parent-child hierarchies, sharing inboxes among team members, and much more. The best help desk software solutions streamline customer support and create an enjoyable experience for customers and employees.

What is a Help Desk Ticketing System?

Help Desk Ticketing system software is a well-organized customer support tool that helps eliminate clutter. With this system, whenever someone contacts you via phone, email, SMS, Twitter, or other means, their inquiry will create a ticket. These tickets can then access in one place. The right ticketing software tools can help automate routine tasks and leverage integrations for more efficient customer service operations.

Best Help Desk Ticketing Systems

In this read, I explain the best picks for your Help Desk Ticketing Systems in 2023.

1- Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk offers an all-in-one toolkit for your help desk needs. It ensures you do not have to switch screens to get the answers your visitors need!

You can quickly and more efficiently manage your customer support requests. It can compare all their relevant information on the ticketing systems. Use reports to monitor your team’s performance and identify gaps.

It offers two pricing plans: Standard, which costs $40 per agent per month, and Professional, at $23 per agent. An enterprise is also an option priced at the same standard plan. 

2- Zendesk

Zendesk omnichannel ticketing system gives your agents more information about each customer and enables them to provide personalized support. It is a service platform that is a cloud-based solution for assuring communication between businesses and customers.

That means they will have the details they need – past orders, web activity, and loyalty status- to provide better customer support and resolve individual requests quickly.

Zendesk for Service provides three pricing tiers. The Team level starts at $49 per agent per month and includes the basics for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). The Growth tier starts at $79 per agent per month and adds features such as light agents and self-service. The Professional level starts at $99 per agent per month and offers more complex routing rules, in-app analytics, and deep collaboration tools.

3- ProProfs Help Desk

If your customer service team bombard with emails, give the Help Desk a try. ProProfs Help Desk can help your team collaborate easily by creating shared inboxes where all your customer-facing email addresses fetch, like contact@ and support@. It allows your agents to create “child tickets” for cases for more assistance from another agent to resolve them.

Round-Robin task assignment ensures your support tickets appropriately distribute. It also allows you to automatically sort, categorize, prioritize, label, mark, and assign keys at the touch of a button. This way, your team can focus on what is important.

ProProfs Helpdesk is a newer tool compared to industry leaders like Zendesk. But it is promising, and it is dominating the market shortly. It has the satisfactory performance of automation tools, such as automated ticket routing, chatbots, notifications, and more.

The product offers excellent features but lacks social media ticketing features. If you do not need social media tickets, give this tool a try.

ProProfs Help Desk offers $10 per user for essential and $15 for premium level. There is also an advanced services level with businesses with a 15-day free trial, and a 15-day money-back guarantee makes it an authentic offer. 

4- Freshdesk

Freshdesk is an innovative customer service-based platform ticketing system that allows your organization for the best collaborative ticket experience for customers.

Freddy AI can automatically answer the most common inquiries and prevent tickets from reopening when customers give generic responses. You can set service levels for keys that need to reply and resolved at certain times, with automated reminders sent to agents in case of a violation.

Freshdesk offers better support compared to email. The app requires a customer responses group and has valuable tools for sharing with other agents. It provides separate customer sections by offering solutions for their feedback, questions, and more. It helps to provide a coordinated response to customer queries, feedback, endorsements, and product info requests.

The freshdesk plan provides a comprehensive solution for all your customer needs starting at $16 per agent per month. You can contact them to sign up for their free trial to evaluate the Service before you start.

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